My Infinity pitcher is not connecting to the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service. I am not automatically receiving Brita replacement filters.

As of October 18, 2018, all Brita Infinity pitchers require a firmware update. Please find detailed instructions for the update here. If you are a New User who is setting up a pitcher for the first time, follow these instructions BEFORE activating your pitcher. If you are an Existing User who has already set up a pitcher, follow these instructions to get your pitcher re-connected to the service.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use the pitcher?

Yes. The Brita Infinity pitcher must be activated from a Wi-Fi-enabled and Wi-Fi connected device using an up-to-date browser.  Your Infinity pitcher uses Wi-Fi to connect to the Brita cloud so that the Amazon Dash Replenishment service can automatically order and send you a replacement Brita filter right when you need it.


My Wi-Fi network signal appears very weak.  Will the pitcher still work?

The Infinity pitcher has a connectivity reach of about 25 – 50 feet. Physical obstructions like brick walls and metal frames or siding can reduce its range.

While standing in a spot near where you’ll be refilling the pitcher with water, notice the Wi-Fi network connection icon on your Wi-Fi-connected computer or mobile device. If the Wi-Fi signal near the spot where you’ll refill your pitcher is strong enough for you to do an internet search, then it should be strong enough for your Brita Infinity pitcher to order a filter when it needs a replacement.


I changed my Wi-Fi password. Will that affect the way my Brita Infinity pitcher works?

Resetting or making changes to your router settings will prevent your Brita Infinity pitcher from successfully reordering filters. If you have changed the name and/or password for the Wi-Fi network on which you activated your Brita Infinity pitcher, go through the Infinity activation process again, this time using the new Wi-Fi network name and password combination.


How does it work?

Brita Infinity Pitcher tracks your water usage and orders a single replacement filter from Amazon when your filter nears its capacity. Activate your pitcher on your Wi-Fi network, drink filtered water, and via Wi-Fi, the Infinity pitcher sends a notification of when a new filter is nearly due, and Amazon has one delivered just in time.

For more information about Brita’s and Amazon’s privacy practices, please review the privacy notices on and By participating in the Infinity with Amazon Dash Replenishment program, you agree to the automatic order of a new filter when the filter change indicator has counted approximately 36 gallons so that a new filter will arrive close to when a filter change is needed, as further described in the Infinity user’s guide. To discontinue your participation in Infinity with Amazon Dash Replenishment, please visit


How can I unenroll from Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service

To un-enroll from Amazon Dash Replenishment, visit your Amazon account, and deregister your pitcher using Amazon’s Manage Devices function.


How do I deactivate my pitcher?

Deactivating is a two-step process: 1) Unenroll/deregister with Amazon. 2) Erase your pitcher’s Wi-Fi connectivity to the Brita cloud. To deactivate:

  1. Follow the steps under the FAQ “How can I unenroll from Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service”
  2. Once you’ve unenrolled/deregistered with Amazon, simply hold down the start button on your pitcher for 15 seconds.


Does the temperature of my refrigerator affect the functioning of the Indicator?

Your Brita Infinity pitcher is designed to maintain its functionality in typical refrigerator conditions.


What kind of information is stored on the pitcher?

Please note that your wireless router name and password will be stored on the pitcher’s microchip. When you activate the pitcher, you will be required to provide certain personal information to Brita and as well as agree to terms and conditions related to the Replenish program. Your pitcher will also transmit information about your pitcher and its usage through Brita to Amazon. Please review the privacy notices on and for more information about Brita’s and Amazon’s privacy practices.

By participating in the Replenish program, you agree to the automatic re-order of a new filter each time your pitcher indicates that a new filter is needed, as further described in the Filter Change Indicator section of the User Guide. To discontinue your participation in the Infinity program, please visit your Amazon account.


Does changing my Brita account password affect the functionality of my Infinity pitcher?

No.  Only changing the password on your Wi-Fi network will affect the functionality of your pitcher (see Troubleshooting Tips for advice on this).


Can I order more than one filter at a time?

With the Infinity pitcher, you only need one filter at a time because when it’s time to replace your filter, it will have been automatically reordered and shipped to you.


How do I cancel a filter replacement order?

You can cancel an auto reorder through your Amazon account. Amazon will send you an email letting you know when an order has been placed. You’ll have 24 hours to cancel the order.


My light display panel does not work. What do I do?

Brita offers a 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re having a problem with your pitcher, give us a call at (844) 511-0466, or send us a message from


What is the difference from deregistering and deactivating my pitcher?

De-registering is the same as unenrolling in DRS. It is done through Amazon and removes your Infinity pitcher from the Dash Replenishment Service. Your pitcher will still function and is still connected to your home Wi-Fi, but you will not automatically order any filters. Deregistering through your Amazon account is essential if you want to make any of the changes below:

  • Change the email address associated with your Brita account (a new email address is the same as a new account, or a new user to the Infinity system).
  • Change your Amazon account associated with the pitcher
  • Give your Brita Infinity pitcher to someone else to use.

Deactivating goes one step further and erases your Wi-Fi connectivity on your pitcher. It is like a factory reset, returning the pitcher to the out of the box state. You should deactivate your pitcher if you are discarding the pitcher or giving ownership to someone else.