When I was creating my Infinity account, I got an error message, “Email already in use by another consumer.”
  1. Do you already have a Brita account?  Because Infinity is a Brita product, your Brita account username and password will log you in to your Infinity account.  Instead of navigating to “Create an Account,” try choosing to Log In, and use the same email address and password you use for your Brita account.
  2. Did you forget your password?  Click “Forgot your password?” and Brita will send you an email with a link to a page where you can reset your it.  Then go back to Brita.com/Infinity and choose to log in, rather than create an account.  Use your email and the password you just created to log in.
When activating my pitcher, I don’t see the Brita pitcher in the list of Wi-Fi networks available to my computer or mobile device.
  1. On the pitcher, hold down the START button for 15 seconds.
  2. On your computer or mobile device, open your list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  3. You should see your Brita pitcher listed as something like this: Brita XXXXXXXXXXXX (the “X’s” in this example represent where a number will display on your screen).

If your computer or mobile device repeatedly fails to see the pitcher in the list of Wi-Fi networks offered by your computer or mobile device, you’ll need to exchange the pitcher.

I selected my pitcher from the list of Wi-Fi networks, but my computer or mobile device won’t connect to it.

Is the blue light on your pitcher’s lid still blinking?  When the pitcher’s Wi-Fi connection light stops blinking blue, the pitcher is no longer in activation mode.  The pitcher stays in activation mode for five minutes (activation mode is initiated when you hold the pitcher’s Start button for 15 seconds and its blue Wi-Fi communication light starts blinking).

Activation mode automatically turns itself off five minutes after it starts, so as not to drain the pitcher’s internal battery.  If you don’t complete the pitcher activation process before the blue light goes out, you can simply start the process again from the Infinity Activation page at Brita.com/Infinity.

If you’ve tried to connect to your pitcher more than once and you just aren’t having any success, it might be a good idea to contact Infinity Customer Support:

I selected my pitcher from the list of Wi-Fi networks, but when I click to go to the next step, the page won’t load (I get a “Page not found” error).

You probably clicked the Next button just a little too quickly, before your computer or mobile device had fully established a connection with your pitcher.  Use your browser’s Refresh/Reload button.  You might have to hit the Refresh button more a couple of times, but the new page should load if you are connected to the network being broadcast by your Brita pitcher (you can check by looking again in your computer or mobile device’s list of available networks–if you see that the network you’re connected to is Brita, then you’re in good shape).

I successfully connected my computer to the pitcher by selecting Brita from the Wi-Fi networks in my computer’s list of scanned networks. When I click to the next page, it displays a list of Wi-Fi networks, but I don’t see my network listed there.
  • Tap or click the “Refresh” button you see on the page, underneath the list of networks. Try clicking the Refresh button two or three times, allowing the list to re-populate each time you click it.
  • If you still don’t see your Wi-Fi network listed, make sure your router is not more than about 50 feet away from where you are (and you should be doing this near the spot where the pitcher will be refilled).

From where you are when you encounter the problem, are other Wi-Fi-connected devices able to connect to your Wi-Fi network? If the signal strength of your network is very weak (two bars or fewer), the pitcher might not be able to connect to it.  Your Wi-Fi signal can be obstructed by steel appliances between your router and the pitcher (air conditioner, water heater, furnace). If the signal is weak, consider moving the router, or using a network extender.

  • Make sure that  throughout the pitcher-activation process, you’re using a Wi-Fi-enabled device that is connected to Wi-Fi, not plugged into an ethernet connection.
  • Make sure your router is still connected to the internet.  Try performing any internet search via your Wi-Fi network using a different Wi-Fi-connected device, or look at the network settings on your computer:
    • Mac: exclamation mark next to network name?
    • Win: red circle-slash over connecting line between network name and internet globe?

These would be indicators that you are not connected to the internet. Your internet service provider can give you other tips for checking the connected status of your router.

  • Is your network supported by the Brita Infinity pitcher?  Certain kinds of networks can’t be supported by the pitcher because of the way they are set up.  Here are some examples of the kinds of Wi-Fi networks that can’t be supported by the Infinity pitcher:
    • Networks with sign-in portals (a pop-up or web page that requires you to enter a username and password before you can start using the internet; often, you see these in hotels, cafes, and on college campuses).
    • Proxied networks (networks that monitor, filter, or block the addresses and content its users can access).
    • Hidden networks (networks that don’t automatically display their names in a list of available Wi-Fi devices). Tip: If you know how to access your router settings, you can remove the hidden network setting for your network before you start the Infinity activation process, then reinstate your network’s “Hidden” setting once the pitcher is successfully activated.
    • Networks with prohibitive security settings (e.g., parental controls, firewall settings, or enabled white lists).
When I try to connect my pitcher to my Wi-Fi network, I get this message: “The Password you entered is incorrect.”


You’ve entered the wrong password for your Wi-Fi network.  When you are on this step in setting up your pitcher [show image of pitcher page #1], you’re being asked to connect your pitcher to your Wi-Fi network, just as you would connect a new mobile device, computer, or any other wireless device to your Wi-Fi network.

From the list of available networks displayed on the page, select the name of your Wi-Fi network, then enter your network password in the password field underneath the list [show image of page, highlighting password field], then click the Connect button.


When I select Brita from my computer’s scan of available networks, my computer displays a warning message that the Brita network isn’t connected to the Internet.

It’s strange to think of your water pitcher broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal, but that’s really what it’s doing.  When you connect to the Brita signal, the computer or mobile device you’re using will be temporarily disconnected from the Internet, and connected instead to the signal your pitcher is broadcasting: Brita XXXXXXXXXXX (the X’s in this example represent your pitcher’s unique ID).

So, your computer or mobile device won’t be connected to the Internet during the few seconds or minutes that you’re connected to the Brita signal.  While connected to your pitcher’s signal, you’ll connect it with your preferred Wi-Fi network from within the browser page.  Once you’ve done that, just connect your computer or mobile device back to your Wi-Fi network as usual, and you’ll be back online.

When I’m connecting to the Brita network, or when I connect back to my home network after connecting my pitcher to Wi-Fi, Windows asks me to add Brita to a Network group.

You won’t need to add Brita to a network group because you’re unlikely to need to connect to the pitcher again.  Just close the dialogs that ask you to choose a Network Group.

The Wi-Fi/communication light on my pitcher blinks red after I fill my pitcher.

If you notice the Wi-Fi communication light on your pitcher’s lid turns red when you lift the lid to fill the pitcher, it means your pitcher has had a problem placing an order for a replacement filter.

  1. Check your Amazon account to make sure your Amazon Dash Replenishment settings are all up to date.
  2. Have you changed your Wi-Fi network name or password since you first activated your pitcher?  If so, simply re-activate your pitcher using the new Wi-Fi network name or password.  You can start at Brita.com/Infinity.
What if my Wi-Fi connection goes down?

If you lose your wireless internet connection, the status of your Infinity pitcher will not get communicated to the Amazon Dash Replenishment service.  If your Infinity pitcher fails to connect with the internet, it will try two more times (once each time, the next two times you refill the pitcher).  If your network isn’t back up after your pitcher has tried three times to connect to it (if you’ve filled the pitcher three times since your network went offline), activate your pitcher again from scratch (start at https://Infinity.brita.com).

What if I change the password for my Wi-Fi network?

Resetting or making changes to your router settings will prevent your Brita Infinity pitcher from successfully reordering filters. If you have changed the name and/or password for the Wi-Fi network on which you activated your Brita Infinity pitcher, go through the Infinity activation process again, this time using the new Wi-Fi network name and password combination.

How do I confirm that my pitcher ordered a filter?

For these and other questions about your filter order, log into your Amazon account or go to Amazon Dash Replenishment Support. You can also browse help topics on Amazon.com and contact Amazon by clicking on “Need More Help?” followed by the “Contact Us” link.